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What is Twenty First Century Truth and Testimony?

Our Purpose is to promote:

    • Godliness
    • Soul Winning
    • Church Planting
    • Revival
    • Knowledge of Bible-believing  Baptist History
    • Loyalty to the local church
    • Doctrinal integrity

The need to address unbelief and compromise has only intensified with the emergence of the www and the subsequent flood of information, both good and bad. The issues of history, belief, faith, inspiration, preservation of the Bible, separation, soul winning, missions and church planting  are imperative in this generation that awaits the return of Christ.

This Web Magazine is patterned after The Truth and Testimony of Jesus Christ, a Bible-believing publication distributed world wide in the last half of the 19th Century. It was edited by Dr. James H. Brookes. 21tnt is also patterned after The Watchword, a national newspaper from the same era edited by Dr. A. J Gordon. Our desire is to be a blessing to our generation as they were to theirs.


When the age of apostasy (1880-1920) began to descend upon the former Bible believing denominations, there arose great men to attempt to stem the tide. None were greater than A. J. Gordon, the Baptist, and James H. Brookes, the Presbyterian.

In the 1880’s while pastoring the Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston, A. J. Gordon started the Watchword, a nationwide newspaper to challenge his own Baptist brethren (and anyone else, for that matter) to stay true to the written word of God. He exposed the foibles of the Brethren and brought sound examination of high Calvinism, modernism and anti-missionary sentiment. 

For those and other terrible sins, he has been booted from the collective memory of the American Baptist Convention. The ABC has long ago forgotten the great defender of the faith of the late 19th century. But how could it be any other way? For unbelief has shaken the ABC to the ground and it is no longer a Christian organization because of unbelief. Gordon’s memory only resides in the postmodern Gordon-Cronwell College. G-C College is the quintessential evangelical college. Reveling in its postmodern views, it is a bastion of “the bible”, polluted with unbelief. 

In the same way, James H. Brookes has been buried deeper than the six-foot rule.
Brookes began his publishing of The Truth and Testimony of Jesus Christ in the early 1880’s. For almost 20 years, he chronicled the demise of the Presbyterian Church and warned of the folly of rejecting the doctrines, and more importantly, the text of the English Bible. His veneration of the A.V. 1611 was astoundingly visionary for his day. His paper gained a world wide influence.

J. H. Brookes’ Washington and Compton Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri epitomized his courage and love for souls.

Having said that about Gordon and Brookes, I think that 21st Century America, in its internet freedom, needs a place of warning and affirmation. And that is why we are launching Twenty First Century Truth and Testimony.

When Dr. Brookes began publishing The Truth, he planned to publish for one year 12 issues the views of himself and his contributing editors. He felt that if there was no interest he would then stop, having published one volume of 12 issues. 
The volume would then stand as issued. If no further interest would necessitate it, he would cease the publication. The publication lasted until the death of Dr. Brookes, twenty years later in 1897.

That is the plan here with We plan to publish the magazine to the web for as long as there is interest. The archives on history and sermons will grow each month. We will leave the archive on the web for posterity.

I believe that Bible believers and Fundamentalists will find the archive of great value in the years to come.

There you have it. Our stand will be against postmodernism and for old fashioned belief. We stand for old fashioned standards and reject compromise with the world. We believe in the things that made America the hotbed of Revival: soul winning, separation from the world, the Bible (King James of course) missions and church planting. We reject categorically liberalism, modernism, post modernism, high Calvinism, clergy unbelief and infidelity and dishonesty, deadbeat evangelism, tearless Christianity, the social Gospel, Contemporary (Rock n Roll) “Christian” music, the prosperity Gospel, and sermonettes preached by preacherettes. We stand for the inspiration of the Bible, Jesus’ virgin birth, the blood of Jesus on the mercy seat, salvation by grace through faith, aggressive soul winning, baptism of believers by immersion and loyalty to the local church. 

We hope it will be a blessing and a challenge to you, the reader.

–James Beller, editor .


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