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The Expiration of Fundamentalism

James BellerFundamentalism as a classical movement expired long ago.The purpose of this writing is to retool your mind. If your identity is cloudy, your direction is also. So let us proceed with sword drawn seeking to regain precious ground as independent Baptists.For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you […]

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Principles Demand More Than Fundamentalism

As far back as 2005 Rick Warren, the founder and leader of the purpose driven movement, has declared the five fundamentals of the Fundamentalist movement as “too narrow” or “legalistic.” We could not disagree more. However, we do not believe that the fundamentals, as they are commonly stated are enough to maintain principled Christianity.I am not a Fundamentalist. […]

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An Answer to Victory Baptist Press’s Did Roger Williams Start the First Baptist Church in America?

An Answer to Victory Baptist Press’s Third Release of Did Roger Williams Start the First Baptist Church in America?by James BellerOn or about March 3, 2011, Jim Fellure of the Victory Baptist Press of Milton, Flordia sent a letter to 15,000 email recipients entitled, An Open Letter To Those Who have Questioned Our Stand On The Baptist Bride, Lankmarkism, or […]

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B. H. Carroll on the Church

Editor’s disclaimer: While we disagree with Carroll on his usage of Bible texts other than the A.V., we do agree on his findings concerning the church.–jbeller Baptists and Their doctrinesB. H. CarrollChapter 2 Ecclesia–The ChurchPage 37: Matt. 26:28, 19 has been for many centuries a battleground of theological controversies. Though millions of the disputants have passed away, the questions which […]

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03.14 Living with Eternity in View

Scripture: Job 14:14On March 14, 1773, Edmund Botsford was ordained into the gospel ministry by his old mentor, the Reverend Oliver Hart, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina. The ordination took place in Savannah, Georgia, and in the ordination sermon, taken from I Timothy 4:16, Pastor Hart said, “A plain and simple stile, seems best to […]

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03.13 A Courthouse Converted to a Church House

Scripture: Isaiah 61 This day was very significant in 1774 for several reasons. The Piscataway Baptist Church, located seven miles southwest of Tappahannock, Virginia, was constituted, and on the same day a warrant was issued to apprehend all the Baptist preachers at the meeting.John Waller, John Shackleford, Robert Ware, and Ivison Lewis were taken before a magistrate. Ivison Lewis was […]

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Origin of the American Campmeeting

Ignorance of Baptist history has been the bane of our churches for many generations. We have ignored the greatest revivals and revivalists of American history, which were Baptist, in favor of Protestant revivalists and the Evangelical Alliance. We misstep and misinform especially in the area of the camp meeting.The camp meeting is uniquely an American experience, born out of the […]

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America’s Greatest Revival—Ignored by Posterity…Why?

This article first appeared on Garbage Truck in March, 2002You may not believe this, but the greatest revival in the history of America, a story of unparalleled success and Holy Ghost power, is known by only a handful of Americans.I am talking about the profound revival of the Separate Baptists of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. That revival began […]

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Colgate, William

William Colgate was born in the parish of Hollingbourn, County of Kent, England, on the 25th of January 1783.  He was the son of Robert and Mary (Bowles) Colgate.Robert Colgate was a farmer by occupation, and a man of superior intelligence.  He warmly sympathized with the American colonies in their struggle with the mother-country before and during the war of […]

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Colgate, Samuel

Samuel Colgate, a son of  William Colgate of precious memory, was born in the city of New York, March 22, 1822.  He was baptized and became a member of the Tabernacle Baptist church in 1839.  From that early age he has been an earnest worker in the cause of Christ.  He succeeded to his father’s business and to his father’s […]

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Bunyan, John

John Bunyan was born at Elstow, England, about a mile from Bedford in 1628. His father was a man of more intelligence than those who generally followed his calling, and he had John taught to read and write. When the little boy was ten years of age he first became conscious that he was very sinful. He speedily shook off […]

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03.12 Holy of Life, Eloquent of Speech, Patriotic of Spirit

Scripture: Acts 18:18-28Samuel Stillman was born in Philadelphia February 27, 1737. At the age of eleven he, along with his parents, moved to South Carolina. Under the preaching of Oliver Hart, he was converted to Jesus Christ. Stillman was baptized by Hart and studied theology under his tutelage. In later years Hart founded a Baptist Education Society in Charleston, South […]

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03.10 From a Close Friend to a Bitter Persecutor

Scripture: Galatians 2:11-21Balthazar Hubmaer (Hubmeyer) was born at Friedburg, Bavaria, in 1480. Even though he studied philosophy and theology under Eck, the great antagonist of Martin Luther, he embraced Luther’s views in 1522. He was in full communication with Zwingli and assisted him in the great debate at Zurich with the Catholics in 1523, after which they became the closest […]

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03.11 The Testament of a Godly Mother

A godly woman named Soetgen van den Houte fell into the hands of the same persecutors that her husband had fallen into previously. She was left a widow with three children. After experiencing the assaults and imprisonments described before in this volume by others who shared like sufferings and martyrdom, she witnessed to the Saviour she professed and sealed it […]

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Carey, William

William Carey was born in Purey, Northampton, England, August 17, 1761. In his boyhood he was an extreme Episcopalian, regarding dissenters with sovereign contempt. His father and grandfather officiated as clerks in the Episcopal Church, and young Carey from childhood loved the house in which they held this humble position.Mr. Carey was baptized by Dr. Ryland, Oct. 5, 1783, in […]

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Chain the Beast is Pastor Beller’s site on civil government. Principles from the history of the dissenters with particular attention on the Baptist principles of civil government.

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Multiplying Model Website

Multiplying Model is the place to learn, comment and connect on pastor-initiated church planting. Pastors, church planters and evangelists can unite here for better results in this all-important aspect of the great commission.

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Prairie Fire Press

Prairie Fire Press publishes materials for Baptist churches, schools, home-schools and families.

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Burns, Jabez

Jabez Burns for many years an eminent minister of the English General Baptists, was born in Oldham, Lancashire, Dec 18, 1805. In his youth he connected himself with the Methodists, but some years later he was baptized, and became associated with the General Baptists. He was engaged for some years in lecturing and preaching in Scotland, mainly in connection with […]

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Brown, Chad

Chad Brown, the ancestors of the distinguished Brown family of Rhode Island, was born in England about 1610. He is said to have been “one of that little company who fled with Roger Williams from the persecution of the then colon of Massachusetts.” The lot which was assigned to him in the division of lands which was made in Providence included within it what is now […]

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