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A. J. Gordon

Adoniram Judson Gordon, the great Baptist pastor of the Clarendon Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts was born in 1836. His parents were dedicated Christians who named their son after the great American missionary Adoniram Judson.

Gordon surrendered to preach the Gospel at the age

of 16 and attended Brown University and then Newton Theological Seminary.

In 1869 he became the pastor of Clarendon Street Baptist Church in Boston where he remained until his death. 

After eight struggling years, Evangelist Dwight L. Moody came to preach the gospel in

Boston and set up a tabernacle across the street from Clarendon Church. 
A great revival ensued and Gordon and his church were transformed.

A. J. Gordon stayed in Boston for the next twenty five years. He began to sense the drift of the Baptist denominations and began a newspaper to try to

stem the tide.  The paper –The Watchword crossed the country and the ocean with clear warnings of spreading apostasy.

Dr. Gordon’s  Watchword and his writings had a profound effect on his generation. He was an avid propagator of premillennialism and spoke often at Moody’s Northfield Conferences. He is remembered  for his discourses on the power of the Holy Spirit, relating how he would travel to the tomb of George Whitefield, praying for God’s anointing and power upon his ministry.

A. J. Gordon went to be with the Lord on  February 2, 1895.  It is said that the last word he uttered was “victory”.

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