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Here’s One for the Critics
 of the Bus Ministry
”  by James Beller

This Really Happened in our Church…

Posted on April 27, 2000 on the Pastor’s Desk

Recently a man came to me after a morning service. He was a guest in our church and I had never met him before. Obvious he had been weeping and I inquired about his soul. He said, “Pastor, I am saved, but I have been so backslidden, so away from God. I want to get right with Him. I have been praying about it. I really needed church today and I am going to be back.”

He has been back, and he really is trying to put his life back together spiritually. But let me tell you the rest of the story.
When the man approached me, I rejoiced with him and I thought I had sent him on his way for the day, but he took a few steps, turned and walked back to me. I stood in stunned silence as he told me this story:

“Pastor, I have had a rotten life, I have messed things up so much. I just had to come to church on this day. I am trying to straighten my life out. A friend told me about your church and your people. I worked really hard just to make it here today, and well, I’m glad I made it. Pastor, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you always bring those kids in here like this?” He was referring to our bringing in our bus kids to make a public profession of faith if they receive Christ on that day in junior/children’s church.

I said, “Well, if one or more of our bus kids get saved we bring them into the main service to make a public profession of faith. It happens just about every week, yes.”

He said (weeping), “I have a daughter, that through my own fault, I have not seen since she was an infant. I have not been allowed to see her. I have not seen her, nor known of her whereabouts for 10 years. Preacher, one of the children who came to receive Christ today is that daughter.”

I didn’t know what to say. And neither did he. I don’t know if he will ever be able to talk to her– until glory, that is. 

Ya know, stuff like that happens when you run buses.