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Kick Me Hard

*first posted on Garbage Truck in March 2001


This is going to be hard to believe, but one of the underlying problems in Christianity in general and the Independent Baptist movement in particular is the unwritten rule of “Preacher Kicking”. Or as some would call it, “Preacher Killing”.

I am not talking about the congregation kicking or killing, (although that certainly happens). I am referring to the obnoxious habit that preachers have of biting, criticizing, embarrassing, and down right hating one another. It would be comical if it were not so tragic to see men (of God?) devouring each other when they have so much common good and belief that they share.

Lest you misunderstand, I am not talking about Fundamental Baptists that cannot hold an Evangelical in high esteem. I am not talking about Fundamental Baptists that cannot get along with apostates and liberals, I am talking about the constant character assassination of Fundamental Baptists BY Fundamental Baptists. And I am not talking about the standard “I hate HylesRobersonVinyandGray (ho hum)” stuff either. I am talking about groups of preachers that munch on other preachers.

This junk makes me so mad I can’t even see straight. I can’t stand this about us and I believe with all my heart that it is killing us. Killing our churches, friendships and most of all–it is killing our chance at REVIVAL.

Preacher kicking and killing comes in a few standard brands. Let me name them:

The “He doesn’t know what he’s doing” schtick. This usually occurs after a preacher loses a family to another church.

The “I could do alot better than that” schpeel. This usually occurs after a brother preacher builds a new building or holds a conference.

There’s the “If he really wanted an expert, he shouldda had me” mope. This is universal among college and conference circuits.

There’s the “Just stop and look at what he’s really done” swipe. This is usually reserved for when you can’t really deny something good happened to the preacher.

Then the outrageous occurs when the preacher kicker has the audacity to label another fundamental Bible believing preacher a “heretick” to laymen that are contemplating the preacher’s ministry. 

You get the idea. 

May God grant us the grace needed to stop this nonsense. And may He grant us grace to ignore and forgive when it comes our way. Preacher Kicking is meant for the Garbage Truck.

–Pastor Beller