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Baptist Christian Worldview

Illustrations/graphics for The Baptist Christian Coloring Book

John the Baptist Preaching Jesus baptized by John The Crucifixion (from back) XXXXPaul thrown to the Ground   Paul writing an epistle XXXXPaul and Barnabas Preaching   John praying on Patmos   Antipas the faithful martyr Novatian (150 A.D.) preacher   Donatus (300 A.D.) preacher   Patrick (425 A.D.) preacher of Hibernia (Ireland) Silvanius (600 A.D.) (the Paulicians) preached in Arabia The Vaudois (Waldensians) missionaries Peter Waldo Arnold of Brescia XXXXHenry of Clugny   the Lollards   John Wycliff Balthasar Hubmaier Anneka Van Den Hove 1530 dutch female martyr of the Baptists Anne Askew 1600 British martyr Edward Wightman 1612 John Bunyan the Anonymous prisoner at Newgate 1640 Roger Williams 1644 John Clarke ++++Obadiah Holmes Isaac Backus Shubal Stearns Daniel Marshall and his son Abraham Marshall Samuel Harris (1760 Virginia Colonel–horseman preacher) ++++John Leland Rachel Thurber Scrammon 1790 Rachel purchased books to distribute throughout Massachusetts–about baptism created a revival and church after her death William Murphy and his wife Sara Barton Murphy

–pioneer preacher whose wife started the first Sunday School west of the Mississippi

Isaac McCoy ++++Adoniram Judson ++++David Benedict ++++Hudson Taylor ++++Charles Spurgeon