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The Gano/Hickman Project


April 9, 2001

The Baptist History Preservation Society is a local church ministry dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of the Baptists. We have undertaken a project with which we need your assistance.

We are going to place new markers by the graves of two famous Baptist preachers, John Gano and William Hickman. These men made significant contributions to our faith as well as to our country. They are buried in Frankfort Kentucky at the Frankfort Cemetery. Sadly, the graves of these men have been neglected to the point of ruin. Please read this excerpt from a speech delivered at the Forks of Elkhorn, Franklin County, Kentucky, August 24, 1898:

“The Baptists of Kentucky are now deeply interested in church history, and no part of American church history is more thrilling than that which treats of the early Baptists of Kentucky. Shall we forget these heroes of the cross, who, fighting for Bible principles, for Baptist principles, died on the field of battle? Shall they rest unmarked and forgotten in weed – grown graves? The Commonwealth of Kentucky honors with column and epitaph the pioneers who formed the vanguard of a westward advancing civilization. Shall we do less for those who carried the cross off Christ and preached the gospel of peace? How fitting it would be, if upon this Centennial, for us to pledge to right the wrong – to pledge funds – to reopen the graves of Gano, Taylor, Hickman, Craig, and Dudley, and carry from wheat and pasture fields the sacred dust, to be re-interred in the beautiful cemetery at Frankfort, to rest forever with the heroes of the State. The place of their repose would be a Mecca of Baptist hosts. We appreciated and to honor them – to keep fresh their memories and their graves fragrant with the odor of flowers.”

There is a post script attached to this speech:

*Apparently the effort to secure funds for the purpose mentioned above was unsuccessful, for no such monument was erected, but in the year 1916 the Frankfort Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), purchased a lot in the Frankfort Cemetery and re-interred the bodies of Gano and Hickman there.

Then said I unto them, Ye see the distress that we are in, how Jerusalem lieth waste, and the gates thereof are burned with fire: come, and let us build up the wall of Jerusalem, that we be no more a reproach. Nehemiah 2:17

We now have the opportunity to finally honor these great old preachers. We have been given approval by the DAR to place the new markers next to the existing original markers which are nearly illegible, but we need your help:

  • The new markers will be cut out of 6″ thick black granite.

  • The total cost will be between nine to ten thousand dollars for both markers. (Cost include: stones, etching, transportation, and placing.)

  • These markers will be unveiled on our Baptist History tour May 7-11. The unveiling ceremony will be Tuesday May 8th at 6 in the evening. (There are still seats available for the tour.)

Currently we have $600.00 towards this project. Will you prayerfully consider giving to preserve our Baptist heritage? If there should be an excess in funds, the extra will be applied to our next project. Please call with any questions regarding this project. 704-938-1335.

Jesus Loves You,

Pastor Jeff Faggart
Harvest Baptist Church



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