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Our Subject:  Elijah, the prophet

(Fellow Pastor’s Web Class members, post your comments below about Elijah and the world conditions at the time of his ministry.)

Date: 9-3-2000

Date: 9-10-2000

Date: 9-17-2000


Date: 9-24-2000

Date: 10-1-2000

Date: 10-8-2000 No class due to open house  

Date: 10-15-2000


Date: 10-22-2000 Our outline: 

Date: 10-29-2000 Our outline: 

Date: 11-5-2000 Our outline: 

Date: 11-12-2000 We welcomed missionary Dave Carter from Japan who spoke to us about his work. On the mission field for over 20 years.

Date: 11-19-2000 Our outline: The Wilderness I Kings 19:8-18

  • the Question
  • the Demonstration
  • the future

Date: 11-26-2000 Our outline: The Wickedness of the King I Kings 21

Date: 12-3-2000 Our outline: The Wounded II Kings 1

Date: 12-10-2000 Our outline: The Whirlwind of Exit  II Kings 2:1-12


Date: 12-17-2000 Our outline: The Writing  II Chronicles 21

Date: 12-24-2000 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hello every body! Post your comments here about Elijah and the world conditions at the time of his ministry.

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10 Sep 2000


Name:a friend Comments:It’s good to be in the world’s greatest Sunday School class. I think the world conditions are pretty much like today’s world conditions. Bad, with bad leadership. Thank God for the Elijah’s of this world!

A friend


Share your thoughts here… It’s been a great class so far. The World’s greatest Bible teacher…!

Frank Foink


I think that Elijah went through every trial a person could imagine, and still stayed faithful. His adversaries are classics of history. They are not cartoons but real AND make us realize the reality of evil.

new guy


Here are my thoughts and I mean it. I love the class no kidding.