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Broaddus, Andrew

Andrew Broaddus was born in Caroline Co., Va., Nov. 4, 1770. His love of letters and his studiousness were such that he became one of the most thorough Biblical scholars of his times. About the age of eighteen he experienced a change of heart, and although strenuously opposed by his father, who was a rigid adherent of the Episcopal Church, he was […]

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Did Modern-Day Baptists Come Into Being in 1641?

by Dr. David L. Cummins First posted on Cutting Edge in April 2002 Many modern-day Baptist Bible colleges and seminaries in America are teaching that the modern-day Baptist movement is a product of the Reformation.  This makes it a simple step to claim that the Baptist doctrinal heritage is also from the Reformation.   If the beginning […]

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Are Baptists Historically Calvinist?

This essay was first posted on Garbage Truck July 2000 revised March 2001A few weeks back, a Calvinistic poster on a “I hate Independent Baptists” type forum posted the following message: “We have seen the example of “Bible Study” as promoted by the hyper-fundamentalists in this forum. Ask a question, make a statment, ignore the Biblical response, ask another question, […]

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Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church

by James Beller Author’s note: Growing up on the south side of St. Louis, I was a part of the St. Pius V Roman Catholic parish on Grand Avenue. I received my confirmation and first holy communion in the mid-1960’s and attended the grade school on Utah street. It was in this parish that I made my first confession and […]

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About 21tnt.com

What is Twenty First Century Truth and Testimony? When 21tnt was first launched in 2002, our goal was to provide information for and about the independent Baptists in America. We tried to fashion this “web magazine” along the lines of old-time newspapers and magazines that defended the faith in the late 19th and 20th centuries. We […]

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Hi everyone

While we reconstruct 21tnt, you may visit the classic site by clicking here. If a returning link sent you back here, go to the classic home page here.

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