Cathcart’s Baptist Encyclopedia

This is the biography series from the brilliant William Cathcart, the northern scholar and historian of the late 19th century. We feature here articles (bios) from Cathcart’s famous Baptist Encyclopedia. Cathcart also wrote Ancient British and Irish Churches and Baptists in the American Revolution.

Colgate, William

William Colgate was born in the parish of Hollingbourn, County of Kent, England, on the 25th of January 1783.  He was the son of Robert and Mary (Bowles) Colgate.Robert Colgate was a farmer by occupation, and a man of superior intelligence.  He warmly sympathized with the American colonies in their struggle with the mother-country before and during the war of […]

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Colgate, Samuel

Samuel Colgate, a son of  William Colgate of precious memory, was born in the city of New York, March 22, 1822.  He was baptized and became a member of the Tabernacle Baptist church in 1839.  From that early age he has been an earnest worker in the cause of Christ.  He succeeded to his father’s business and to his father’s […]

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Bunyan, John

John Bunyan was born at Elstow, England, about a mile from Bedford in 1628. His father was a man of more intelligence than those who generally followed his calling, and he had John taught to read and write. When the little boy was ten years of age he first became conscious that he was very sinful. He speedily shook off […]

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Carey, William

William Carey was born in Purey, Northampton, England, August 17, 1761. In his boyhood he was an extreme Episcopalian, regarding dissenters with sovereign contempt. His father and grandfather officiated as clerks in the Episcopal Church, and young Carey from childhood loved the house in which they held this humble position.Mr. Carey was baptized by Dr. Ryland, Oct. 5, 1783, in […]

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Burns, Jabez

Jabez Burns for many years an eminent minister of the English General Baptists, was born in Oldham, Lancashire, Dec 18, 1805. In his youth he connected himself with the Methodists, but some years later he was baptized, and became associated with the General Baptists. He was engaged for some years in lecturing and preaching in Scotland, mainly in connection with […]

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Brown, Chad

Chad Brown, the ancestors of the distinguished Brown family of Rhode Island, was born in England about 1610. He is said to have been “one of that little company who fled with Roger Williams from the persecution of the then colon of Massachusetts.” The lot which was assigned to him in the division of lands which was made in Providence included within it what is now […]

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Broaddus, Andrew

Andrew Broaddus was born in Caroline Co., Va., Nov. 4, 1770. His love of letters and his studiousness were such that he became one of the most thorough Biblical scholars of his times. About the age of eighteen he experienced a change of heart, and although strenuously opposed by his father, who was a rigid adherent of the Episcopal Church, he was […]

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