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The Fruits of Postmodernism April 2000

Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church

The Most Astounding Story of 1999



Are Baptists Historically Calvinist? August 2000

The Evolution of Baptist Mentality October 2000

James Crumpton: Defining the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement 

E. M. Bounds in the Pastorate

Mr. Marshall and Mr. Manuel, “Where is your Shame?”

Pay Attention to the Little Lady at Whitefield’s Tomb

The Separate Bible
Baptist Belt
Guest Editorial by
Dr. David Cummins

Wasted, Good for Nothing Heritage

Did Modern Baptists begin in 1641? Guest Editorial by Dr. David L. Cummins

Origin of the Campmeeting

Kick Me Hard

The Absence of the “R” Word in the Wake of September 11, 2001

The Muslims and the Southern Baptists

Essence of American Charachter

For the Critics of the Bus Ministry

The Testimony of Ann Faggart

Jane Fonda a Christian?

The Fundamental Grinch

I-888-No Charity

America’s Greatest Revival–Ignored by Posterity