The Expiration of Fundamentalism

James BellerFundamentalism as a classical movement expired long ago.The purpose of this writing is to retool your mind. If your identity is cloudy, your direction is also. So let us proceed with sword drawn seeking to regain precious ground as independent Baptists.For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you […]

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Principles Demand More Than Fundamentalism

As far back as 2005 Rick Warren, the founder and leader of the purpose driven movement, has declared the five fundamentals of the Fundamentalist movement as “too narrow” or “legalistic.” We could not disagree more. However, we do not believe that the fundamentals, as they are commonly stated are enough to maintain principled Christianity.I am not a Fundamentalist. […]

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An Answer to Victory Baptist Press’s Did Roger Williams Start the First Baptist Church in America?

An Answer to Victory Baptist Press’s Third Release of Did Roger Williams Start the First Baptist Church in America?by James BellerOn or about March 3, 2011, Jim Fellure of the Victory Baptist Press of Milton, Flordia sent a letter to 15,000 email recipients entitled, An Open Letter To Those Who have Questioned Our Stand On The Baptist Bride, Lankmarkism, or […]

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Origin of the American Campmeeting

Ignorance of Baptist history has been the bane of our churches for many generations. We have ignored the greatest revivals and revivalists of American history, which were Baptist, in favor of Protestant revivalists and the Evangelical Alliance. We misstep and misinform especially in the area of the camp meeting.The camp meeting is uniquely an American experience, born out of the […]

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America’s Greatest Revival—Ignored by Posterity…Why?

This article first appeared on Garbage Truck in March, 2002You may not believe this, but the greatest revival in the history of America, a story of unparalleled success and Holy Ghost power, is known by only a handful of Americans.I am talking about the profound revival of the Separate Baptists of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. That revival began […]

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Did Modern-Day Baptists Come Into Being in 1641?

by Dr. David L. Cummins First posted on Cutting Edge in April 2002 Many modern-day Baptist Bible colleges and seminaries in America are teaching that the modern-day Baptist movement is a product of the Reformation.  This makes it a simple step to claim that the Baptist doctrinal heritage is also from the Reformation.   If the beginning […]

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